Thursday, November 5, 2015


Hey guys! I’m sorry I have been so absent of late. I’ve been trying to get back into the school routine. Anyway, let’s get back into the groove with another “Let’s Talk Covers!” And I’m not the only one who has experienced grief with these covers. Introducing... The Lux series.

The Lux series is one of my all time favorites. The story is awesome, Katy is basically my fictional twin, and Daemon. Who could ever forget Daemon Black, the super sexy, funny guy with a weakness for being over protective. It’s also... and hear me out before you click out of the page... a love hate romance. And I know a lot of bibliophiles nowadays hate them, but if it’s done right who can deny the amazingness! What can I say, I love it when the lovers fight.

I have to be completely honest and say that I do like the first cover. I actually found Obsidian by walking around the Library and finding myself caught by Daemon’s entrancing eyes. Not to mention, he’s about the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. So I checked it out and BOOM. One night read, just like that.

I really only started to get upset with the latter covers.

Onyx and Opal. TERRIBLE covers! For one, Katy doesn’t look like... well... Katy. The character I know didn’t go traipsing through the forest in scandalous dresses trying to look super sexy. Same with the third book. Literally the whole series Kat is telling Daemon that he doesn’t need to protect her all the time and that he needs to lay off being so overprotective. It doesn’t much look like that on the cover, does it?

And Origin... I think I cried when I first saw this cover. WHAT HAPPENED, IT’S EVEN WORSE THAN THE LAST TWO. For one, he looks like he’s from the nineties, his leather jacket looks like it’s a denim jacket (which clashes horrifically with those jeans of his!) and WHAT, what, WHAT happened to his delicious hair that was all messy and floppy? In this cover it looks... okay, I guess, but his beard thing! Ew! And what is he doing? Just slow-mo walking through a desert in a cowboy costume? Halloween is over. Really, I could go on for hours about this one.

So, after much complaint, we got an announcement from Jennifer L. Armentrout: NEW COVERS! And dang was I excited. And so appropriate as well - these things were hideous. So I awaited excitedly for the next covers.

And then they came out.

WHYYY. I mean... sure. They’re cool or whatever, and in real life they are sparkly, but come on. They’re both shirtless, the makeup on “Katy” is super over the top, and worst of all... I CAN’T SEE DAEMON. Except for half of his face in the last book, I don’t get the full glory of him. And that’s sad for me.

In the end, I accepted that I would never be content with the Lux covers. But I PROMISE, the story is amazing. If you’ve ever thought twice about reading this series, let me make the process easier by saying: Just do it.

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  1. The Lux series is one of my favorites as well, I love everything about the story and I kind of felt the same about the cover.

    I like the first one and the others quite fit well for me; Origin, by other hand, gave me mixen feeling, I like the grapich but having Daemon there alone wasn't good for me, I always like Katy on the covers because is her story after all.

    But the new ones are horrible, I don't feel the alien theme, beside the fact that Katy would never make up like that, and did you notice that her eyes change of color form one cover to another? I don't understand having Daemon in the background because: In the first cover seems like he is a vampire up side down as he is shown with that moon, and in the second cover he doesn't have any rol in the cover as he is behind the title. I really don't like anything of this new covers.

    I'm latin America readers and the Spanish editorial lauch the series with lovely covers, I particulary love them, of course, I don't know if you would like them since they're very romantic, not very aliens but romantic. Check the out here:

    Really great post, I like someone pint this out.

    Giova @ Corazones Literarios