Heya! I'm guessing that you're looking at this page because you're interested in sending me a book for review or promotion. Whether you are an author, publisher, or publicist, I would love to receive your book! But first let's go over some things.

1. My Genres are anything YA, but my soft spots fall under Sci-fi/fantasy and Contemporary. I do like some Historical Fiction but make sure that it still fits under YA. I don't accept anything Erotic and will not read it.

2. Your book will not be at the very top of my priority list as soon as I receive it. I receive a lot of books for promotion, and I have a lot of books that I am waiting on. If a book comes out that I really want to read, I will read that one first. I will try to get around to your book as soon as possible and won't leave it out on the to-read shelf for too long, but I won't necessarily go in order of what I receive first. If you want to have the book reviewed by a certain time, make sure you inform me of that in your inquiry and I will see what I can do.

3. I will be honest. If I liked your book, it gets a good rating. If I didn't like your book, it gets a bad rating.

4. I will only accept Ebooks if it sounds too good to pass up. Feel free to email me about an Ebooks that you want reviewed, but know that your chances of acceptance will be lower. Also, if your book is not in physical form it will not be featured on my instagram. Physical books look better in pictures, and are easier for me to read.

What Will I Do For Your Book?

My instagram (@book_believer) currently has more than 6,800 followers. I will be happy to take a picture of your book and post it.

I can write a review and post it on this blog, and on Goodreads.

I can bring it to my school and brag about it to my friends. ;)

If you understand and agree to all of the above terms, you can proceed me to contact me at

Thank you!


  1. Just read Alive by Scott Sigel. Wow, best book I've read in a year. It's YA and although I'm 65 the mysteries, characters and plot..... But don't read reviews that give away the SURPRISE ending. Jack Glass is another favorite. No erotica but some graphic violence.

    1. I'll have to look into them! Thanks for the recs ;)