Thursday, July 9, 2015

OUT OF CONTROL by Sarah Alderson

When 17 year old Liva witnesses a brutal murder she’s taken into police custody for her own protection. But when the police station is attacked and bullets start flying it becomes clear that Liva is not just a witness, she’s a target.

Together with a car thief called Jay, Liva manages to escape the massacre but now the two of them are alone in New York, trying to outrun and outwit two killers who will stop at nothing to find them.

When you live on the edge, there’s a long way to fall.

Yay, the first review of The Two Week Thriller! I know it’s late, but I will be getting plenty of reviews up in the next couple of days, now that I once again have internet. On to the review!

Out of Control stuck true to it’s title. There was a lot of things that were just... out of control! The story was unbelievable in it’s craziness - but in the end, it made sense and was definitely possible. It wasn’t too far fetched, but it was definitely chaotic (in the best way possible!)
We start out with meeting our main character Liva, who is in the police department as a witness to a murder. When a man dressed as a police officer comes in and shoots the department out, she helps Jay (who was in for car theft) escape safely. It becomes immediately clear that Liva is a good girl who has never done anybody any harm, even though the fact that she is being stalked and shot at says differently. Both Jay and Liva team up after the massacre, when they find out that it isn’t over for either of them - especially not Liva.
This book spans over a twenty four hour period, where all the while Jay and Liva must avoid detection until her father, who works with a government agency that focuses on human trafficking, to fly in from Nigeria in the morning. But the people after both of them are good at tracking, and they don’t go down without a fight.
This book was a great mixture of action and adventure, mystery, and romance. While being constantly scared for Liva and Jay and wondering what was going on, I was half of the time dwelling on their relationship. Jay was so attractive, and such a great guy - always looking for the good in people, and all he ever wanted in life is to help people out. Isn’t it enough that he is protecting Liva while blood thirsty murderers are on her tail? WHY WOULDN’T THEY LOVE EACH OTHER? Patience was key there, I’m afraid.
Overall, I don’t feel like I can say a lot more about this book. Going any further would probably be a spoiler. So all I will say is read it, because it kept me guessing and I never would have saw that ending coming. As for your final reason - Jay and Liva are worth it. They are both amazing characters, and made me want to be a better person. So go pick it up!



  1. I mean, obviously, two people the same age, both super sweet. WHY WOULDN'T THEY LOVE EACH OTHER? <<< me with anybody that I have a crush on XD XD XD Love you and the review!

  2. This book sounds really good, based on your review, and it made me want to read it so bad!! I NEED to know what happens to them!! Ahhhh

  3. This book sounds sooo good gal! This is on my TBR at the moment and I might have to bump it up the list after reading this ;) seriously sounds soooo cool! I'm really pumped to read it xx

    oh and is this part of a series or a standalone book? xxx